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Carpet Cleaning For Allergies

Carpet Cleaning For Allergies

So, it’s fall, and we’re heading toward winter with each passing day. Along with the changing leaves, brisk weather, and festive activities comes cold and flu season. Immune system health is more important than ever, so you’ll want to do everything you can to keep it up. It’s no secret that carpets are magnets for dirt, dust, hair, and a plethora of allergens. In today’s post, we will talk about carpet cleaning for allergies and why it’s so important.   

Why Vacuuming Is Important For Stopping Allergies 

Aside from the obvious aesthetic benefits of regularly cleaning your carpets, a reduction in allergens is another goal. If you or your family are sensitive to pet dander, pollen, dust, mold, etc., your home will benefit from an annual cleaning and regular vacuuming. The vacuum is the first line of defense when it comes to combatting allergens in your carpets. Your vacuum is a great tool to remove dirt, dust, hair, and more. To adequately protect against allergies, you should vacuum at least two times a week. Also, depending on the foot traffic, you may need to vacuum more often. This frequency of vacuuming will ensure that your carpets are as clean as they can be without further intervention. When you vacuum often, it will cut down on the level of intensity required by a professional cleaning service. The vacuum is a preventative measure that stops allergens in their tracks. Be sure that your vacuum is equipped with a HEPA filter, though. Anything less will not catch all the allergens you need to remove.  True HEPA filters remove more than 99% of dust, pollen, mold, bacteria, and other airborne particles that are .3 microns in size.   

Carpet Cleaning Is A Great Defense Against Allergens 

So, you’ve been staying on top of your vacuuming schedule. That’s great. Now, the next and arguably the most important step to prevent allergens in your carpet is professional carpet cleaning. When you’re researching different methods of cleaning, you’ll come across a few different options. The best method for carpet cleaning is through the use of d-limonene. At CitruSolution Asheville, we use this citrus-based compound to clean carpets. The natural cleaning and disinfectant properties of d-limonene help kill bacteria, extract allergens, and leave a pleasant aroma of citrus fruit.  The use of our proprietary cleaning solution and powerful hospital-grade HEPA vacuums removes dust mites, dander, dirt, grease, and more. The all-natural cleaning power of CitruSoltution does not leave a soapy, sticky residue on your carpet. It’s low-moisture and doesn’t attract dirt and dust like other soap-based cleaning services. This means clean, dry carpets for you in just a couple of hours.   

Call The Professionals In Carpet Cleaning

Now you know why carpet cleaning for allergies is important. With the combined power of an all-natural disinfectant and allergen-reducing HEPA vacuums, you can regain control of the allergy situation in your home. Say goodbye to dust mites, dander, and pollen.  If you’ve been wanting your carpets to be like new again, give us a call today      

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