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Preparing your house to sell can be a stressful time for any home owner. De-cluttering, readying for photos, cleaning for showings – all while maintaining your daily life – is just a huge inconvenience. For people with children, there’s the added pressure of picking up toys and cleaning up messes sometimes right up until a showing. Everyone would agree that the faster your house sells, the better. What can you do to make sure your house is in prime condition to sell fast? Hire a real estate cleaner to help!

De-Clutter For Maximum Effect

Any real estate agent will advise you to de-clutter your space before listing, and there’s good reason. Reducing the amount of “stuff” makes it easier to keep your home tidy for those last minute showings. By removing the more personal items, like family photos for example, a future buyer is able to picture themselves in the house. Plus, keeping both furniture and decor as minimal as possible makes the space feel larger. Consider hiring a professional stager if you need help in this area. The cost will be more than worth it if it means your house sells quickly.

Cleanliness Sells

The cleanliness of your house plays a huge roll in how well it shows, but most people don’t have time to deep clean their home before each showing. We have a few tips and tricks to keeping your home “show ready.” First, start with a clean slate. You’ll probably need to spend some time and money upfront to get your house up to par. Focus on areas that impact the buyer’s first impressions like:
  • Floors
  • Windows
  • Walls
  • Kitchen
  • Bathroom(s)
  • Outdoor Space
Clean windows let in the most light, so wipe them down with a homemade solution like white vinegar diluted with water. This also works for bathroom mirrors! White vinegar is an excellent cleaning agent, and when paired with olive oil it can tackle all your stainless steel appliances. Remove scuffs on walls quickly and easily with magic erasers. Be sure to keep these on hand for last minute touch ups.

Hire A Real Estate Cleaner

When it comes to floors, CitruSolution has you covered. We clean carpet, tile, hardwood, and area rugs, making us a one stop shop real estate cleaner company. Before you list, have us come in and service the floors in your home. We’ll leave them refreshed, clean, and easier to maintain for your showings. Our non-toxic cleaning solution is safe for kids and pets. According to Zillow, cleaning and de-cluttering are the #1 way to sell your home fast. Let CitruSolution help. Our upfront “exactimate” means we do the job as promised with no hidden fees or up-charges. Having your floors cleaned with CitruSolution is fast and convenient. We use a low-moisture method that will leave your carpets dry in just a few hours – and it allows us to clean area rugs in place. If you’re thinking about listing your home, give us a call or visit our website to see how we can help you make the best first impression.    
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