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COVID Cleaning Service: CitruSolution Asheville

There are new variants of COVID sprouting up. So, it’s more important than ever to find a reputable COVID cleaning service. Well, look no further. At CitruSolution Asheville, we specialize in carpet, floor, and disinfectant cleaning. We’re here to help keep your home happy and healthy. Not only does our team specialize in residential cleaning, but we also clean commercial spaces and offices. You can count on us to keep your workplace or home healthy and clean.   

Your Neighborhood COVID Cleaning Service

New Disinfecting Services

Since the outbreak of COVID, CitruSolution started to offer disinfecting services. Our team uses a natural, eco-friendly disinfectant compound to kill the COVID-19 virus. Thymol comes from the thyme herb. It’s derived from the oil of thyme and has tons of uses. You will see thymol used as a disinfectant, pesticide, and more. It has natural anti-inflammatory properties and fights infection. The most important use of thymol for our team is as a disinfectant.  In March 2020, the EPA recommended thymol as a leading COVID-19 disinfectant. Thymol is completely non-toxic to animals and humans, so you can rest assured that everyone will be safe. For more than 30 years, CitruSolution has been using natural compounds to protect our community and its health. 

What We Do To Stay Safe

Technicians at CitruSolution practice safety measures every day. The protocol we follow includes: 
  • thorough hand washing
  • regular disinfectant 
  • staying at home when symptoms arise
  • practicing social distancing in your home
  • wearing proper protective wear—gloves, shoe covers, masks
Our team practices a zero-contact protocol that ensures your family stays healthy. To continue with this level of safety, we provide zero-contact payment methods.   

What Services Do We Provide?

Despite the hardships and setbacks during the pandemic, CitruSolution has continued to provide the same level of service. To further meet the needs of our clients, we provide the following services:  With our floor cleaning solution, your home will be left smelling and feeling fresh. So, you know what we use to disinfect surfaces and floors. Have you heard about what we use to clean carpets, though? It’s all in the name. We use a product derived from citrus fruit called d-limonene. Are you wondering, what is d-limonene? It’s a natural solvent and cleaner that breaks down stains, mold, dirt, and grime the healthy way. This list of cleaning options only scrapes the surface. Our capabilities are essentially endless when it comes to cleaning solutions. So, reach out, and let us know what you need! We’ll be sure to find a solution for you.   

Don’t Delay!

Since the onset of the pandemic, the most important thing was to shelter in place. Also, though, disinfecting is critical. If you’re not sure if your home is free of viruses, why not make sure it’s as clean as possible? The best thing to do when there’s a virus going around is to stay on top of disinfecting and cleaning. If you give us a call today, you can be sure that your home will be as clean and healthy as possible. CitruSolution is your go-to COVID cleaning service. 

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