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how to clean leather furniture

How To Clean Leather Furniture

Leather furniture is an elegant addition to any home’s decor. What’s also true is that leather is a sensitive and sometimes fickle material. With the frequency of use couches, chairs, and recliners get, you need to stay on top of care. Leather often cracks, tears, stains, or gets dull over time. If you take proper care of your leather furniture, you’ll extend its lifespan and improve its appearance. Today, we’re going to show you how to clean leather furniture naturally.  At CitruSolution Asheville, we’re the authority on all-natural and non-toxic cleaning solutions. We specialize in surfaces ranging from upholstery to flooring. We use the safest methods to provide the best results without putting pets or family in harm’s way. 

Materials To Have Ready

Steps On How To Clean Leather Furniture 

  1. The first step is to remove any and all debris from the sofa, chair, or recliner. Vacuum the leather and get down into all the crevices and seams. For leather, it’s best to use a soft brush attachment to prevent scratching, stretching, or scuffing. 
  2. Next, mix a bowl of warm water with a few drops of gentle dish soap. Once you have the mixture ready, dip a microfiber or chamois cloth into the bowl. Wring it out well to make sure it’s damp, not soaked. Wipe down the leather and remove any surface stains or grime. Do not scrub. When wiping leather, gentle circles work best. 
  3. Dry the leather off before moving forward. Leaving the leather to air dry weakens its structure. 
  4. If you notice some hard-to-get stains on the leather, such as grease, sprinkle some baking soda on the stain. Allow the baking soda to absorb the stain for about an hour or longer. 
  5. Vacuum up the baking soda. This is important because baking soda can be minorly abrasive if you’re not careful. 
  6. Condition the leather. Finally, it’s time to do some restoration. You’ve got all the stains up now. With conditioner in hand, apply it to a clean cloth and apply it to every inch of your furniture in gentle, circular motions. 
  7. After applying any kind of oil or conditioner to leather, it’s essential to let it dry. Allow it to dry out. Do not sit or use the furniture for at least a couple of hours after conditioning it to avoid staining your clothes. 

Remember This About How To Clean Leather Furniture

The critical thing to remember when working with leather furniture or upholstery is that it’s fragile. Some leathers are more sensitive than others. It’s always best practice to test a small area before slathering any cleaner or products on your furniture. This will ensure that you won’t harm or damage the finish or structure of the leather. If you’re looking to do something even less aggressive, you can use warm water and conditioner or oils. All you need to do is wipe down the leather with a dampened cloth, dry it, and apply a few drops of an oil, like olive oil. This will recondition your furniture and leave it looking new again.   

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