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How To Disinfect Floors

How To Disinfect Floors In Your Home

Since the start of the pandemic in 2020, there’s been a push for cleaning and disinfecting. How have you adjusted your cleaning efforts over the last couple of years? Sure, people wipe down fixtures, counters, toilets, showers, doorknobs, and more. But, how often do you disinfect your floors? Not clean—disinfect. There’s a difference between cleaning and disinfection. When you’re cleaning your home, you should always clean and disinfect your floors. Simple enough, right? No. Not all floors are created equal. At CitruSolution Asheville, we specialize in floor cleaning and disinfection. To learn more about how to disinfect floors in your home, read on.   

Why Should You Disinfect Your Floors?

  Aside from the fact that it will keep your floors looking clean and tidy, disinfection is essential for your health. Think about it. Every time you leave the house, you’re walking all around the world. Everything your feet touch, you track back into your home. The billions and billions of bacteria you bring in accumulate over time and can cause illness. To prevent this, regular cleaning and disinfecting is critical.   

How To Disinfect Floors? 

Depending on what kind of flooring you want to disinfect, the method will vary. So, we’ll walk you through how to disinfect each type of flooring.   

How To Disinfect Wood & Vinyl Floors

The process for disinfecting wood and vinyl flooring is similar. The method we’re going to show you is totally non-toxic and natural. To begin with, you’ll want to do a thorough sweeping. Once all the bigger particles are up, you’ll want to run a vacuum to make sure you get all the dust and dirt up. This is what you call surface cleaning. After that, you will make a solution to do a deep clean that will disinfect the floors.  To make your disinfecting solution, all you need is one gallon of warm water and a cup of white vinegar. Mix the two in a bucket and use a mop to clean the floors. Make sure to absorb any excess moisture at the end with a clean mop, and you’ll be left with practically germ-free wood or vinyl floors! One other option you have for disinfecting wood and vinyl floors is a steam mop. Steam mops use the natural bacteria-killing power of steam to leave your floors looking and smelling fresh!   

How To Disinfect Carpet

Before you disinfect your carpet, you need to vacuum it thoroughly. One of the best DIY ways to disinfect your carpet is with the natural cleaning power of steam and vinegar. So, after the carpet is free of debris, use a steam cleaner to remove any stain or bacteria from the fibers. Once that’s done, you can mix a solution of white vinegar and water and spray the surface of the carpet. The acetic acid in the vinegar acts as a natural disinfectant and will kill any harmful bacteria.   

The Best Way To Disinfect Floors

  In order to disinfect your home’s floors thoroughly, you should call a professional floor cleaning service, like CitruSolution. We pride ourselves on providing all-natural cleaning power that leaves your home smelling fresher than before. Our secret? D-limonene. What is d-limonene? Well, d-limonene is a natural compound derived from the peels of citrus fruit. It is a natural cleaner, degreaser, disinfectant, and deodorizer. Give us a call today to set up a free consultation!   

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