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How to Keep Your Carpets Smelling Fresh

It is important to keep your home smelling fresh so that visitors don?t think that you have a dirty house. Try these different methods of cleaning your home or refreshing the air to have a house that smells nice.

1: Increase a Home?s Air Circulation

Opening the windows of your home is the simplest way to remove nasty odors from cooking broccoli or after someone has smoked a cigarette. If you can?t open a window because it is too cold or rainy, then turn on an exhaust fan over a stove or in a nearby bathroom.

2: Clean Pet Stains with Vinegar and Water

The best way of removing those annoying pet stains is to use a half and half mix of white vinegar and water.
  • If the area that you want to clean is still wet with urine, blot the area with a dry paper towel or cloth first to soak up any excess liquid.
  • Continue blotting until every bit of urine is gone and the paper towel comes back dry. You’re not done yet, though.
  • After getting up the excess urine, apply the vinegar solution and blot the area to take out the urine stain and odor.
  • If the stain is still detectable after the carpet is completely dry, repeat this process again. Taking care to blot and not scrub and fray the carpet fibers.

3: Vacuum Frequently & Use Baking Soda

Keep you home clean by vacuuming frequently. In addition, you can sprinkle plain baking soda on to the carpets and brush it in with a broom, then let it sit for a? Day or so and vacuum it up.? This adds an extra layer of freshness to your home.

4: Burn a Candle Inside Your Home

If you have a scented candle, then light it to reduce the odor in your home with its fragrance. You can find candles in an assortment of aromatic scents that are already in glass jars, or you can place small candles in candleholders.

5: Clean the Garbage Disposal In Your Kitchen

When the drains in your home?s kitchen smell bad, it might be caused by a dirty garbage disposal unit that has decaying food particles inside it. Pour a cup of baking soda in your kitchen?s sink drain before adding a cup of white vinegar. This will create a chemical reaction that will remove the decaying food particles and grease so that the garbage disposal smells nicer.

6: Change the Filter In a Furnace or Air Conditioner

You should change the filter in your home?s air conditioner or furnace at least once a month to help prevent bad odors inside your home. In addition to changing the air filters, make sure to dust the vents inside your home so that the climate-controlled air will circulate properly.

7: Wash the Walls Inside Your Home

To keep your home smelling fresh, make sure to wash the walls and ceilings in each room at least once a year. The bathrooms in your home can have a foul odor from mildew, and the surfaces in a kitchen can develop a stench from a buildup of grease. Use a mixture of dish detergent and warm water to wash your home?s ceilings and walls thoroughly.

8: Have a Home?s Carpet Cleaned Professionally

A lot of foul odors can emanate from the carpet fibers in your home. The fibers of carpeting will absorb the odors from pets, food and cigarette smoke. You can call us to have your home?s carpeting sanitized quickly by knowledgeable technicians who use the highest quality cleansers and equipment. After the cleaning, we’ll give you a free bottle of citrus spotter which will help clean all types of stains. Call us at 828-490-9275 to schedule an appointment.


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