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Learn About the Carpet Fluffing Technique

Are tired of your carpet always looking dirty and used? Do you often think back to the good old days when you could still see the real color of your carpet? If so, breathe some new life into your carpet by spraying some stain remover mixed in with water and vinegar. Target the stained, hardened areas. Let the solution mix in with the carpet and then dab it with a rag. Now, take a spoon to the carpet in order to get the carpet fibers “fluffed”. This encourages the individual strands to stand up straight.

Carpet Fluffing for Furniture

Furniture is a necessary part of your interior decor, but chairs, sofas, and coffee tables always leave those pesky dents in the carpet. A great life hack is to place an ice cube on these spots and allow it to melt. Once the water has been dissolved, blot the rest of the moisture with a towel or rag. Don’t press too hard or you’ll just “reset” the indentation. Next, place the moist rag over the area and take an iron across it. Make sure to place it on the cotton setting. Once you feel the fibers starting to dry, turn off the iron. Give the carpet time to dry and then fluff up the fibers with your hand.

Different Ways to Clean Carpet

Carpet is a catch-all term for a number of different materials. You’ve got everything from super shaggy carpets from the 70s and the very low carpets. These carpets could be made without or with stain protection and might be comprised of synthetic fibers or completely wool. It all depends on how it was manufactured. We’ll start by looking at looped, low-pile types of carpet. While these are great options for areas the experience high amounts of traffic, they tend to hold onto stains with a little more stubbornness than other types. You’ll have to put your back into it and remain patient when tackling stains on low-pile carpeting. If you’re patient enough and continue using the right strategies, you’ll see your carpet become respectably clean in no time. This regular cleaning also helps to extend the life of your current carpet, giving your time to save up for something in the future.

Are you Stuck with less-than-ideal Carpets?

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