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Should I Have My Office Professionally Cleaned?

Should I Have My Office Professionally Cleaned?

Inhale. Ah, yes. The fresh smell of stale office air. How many times have you experienced that? What’s sometimes referred to as sick building syndrome is no joke. The accumulation of dust, dirt, grime, mold, mildew, and more makes for an unhealthy office. Are you wondering: should I have my office professionally cleaned? Do you have an office, retail space, or other commercial space that experiences high traffic? If you answered yes, you need to consider having a professional cleaning. At CitruSolution Asheville, we are dedicated to providing the best professional cleaning services in the region. Since COVID hit, commercial space cleaning has become more critical than ever, and we have methods to eradicate viruses and bacteria effectively. Keep reading to learn more about what we can do for you. 

Should I Have My Office Professionally Cleaned? 

  Yes. Every office or retail space should invest in professional cleanings every month, especially now. If your space experiences any consistent foot traffic, think about the bacteria and viruses that come with that. At CitruSolution, we use our proprietary carpet and floor cleaning solution to eradicate bacteria, dirt, and grime.   

Safe Floor Cleaner

  The secret is d-limonene.  D-limonene is a compound found in the peels of citrus fruit like limes, oranges, and lemons. The properties of d-limonene make it an excellent cleaner. For example, when we clean carpets with it, the d-limonene breaks down the dirt and grime. So, this breakdown allows up to suck up the dirt and dust much easier than with traditional soaps. Plus, it’s all-natural. Most carpet cleaning services use harsh chemicals and sanitizers that aren’t safe for pets or humans.   

All-Natural Sanitizer

  In 2020, the EPA recommended thymol as a COVID-19 disinfectant. Like d-limonene, thymol is a naturally-occurring essential oil found in the herb, thyme. Thymol is totally safe for pets and people, but it kills bacteria and viruses very well. So, it’s safe to say we’ve got you covered. When you call CitruSolution, we’ll come to provide you with a free estimate and assessment of your space. Once we’ve become familiar with you, your goals, and your space, we’ll thoroughly craft a plan to disinfect your office.   

Hardwood Floor Cleaning

If your office has hardwood floors or other hard-surface floors, we can help. Sure, you could hire someone to mop every few days, but mops are unsanitary and push bacteria around. Here’s a breakdown of our cleaning process:   
  • Time To Clean: First, we use a light spray of CitruSolution cleaner on the floors. 
  • Scrub Time: Next, we use a low-speed scrubber with a soft pad to loosen any dirt or grime. 
  • Rinse Cycle: Then, we finish cleaning the floors with a specialized water extractor. This machine rises and captures any dirt or cleaning solution left on the floor. 
  • Drying: Your floors are left slightly moist, but they will be dry in a matter of minutes once the moisture evaporates. 
  Together, all of these cleaning methods will leave your space smelling fresh and free of any bacteria or virus. As a result, your employees and customers will be able to live happy, healthy lives.               

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