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Smelling Better Means Selling Better

Smelling Better Means Selling Better

Smells Like a Sale

If you are thinking of selling your house, here’s something that you need to know. When a potential home buyer walks into your house, and the smell has them feeling, ?Yum!? that is more likely to be the house they fall in love with and buy.? A clean, crisp smell, not one masked for plug-ins, tells one the house has been well cared for, they can confidently buy it and bring their family to live there. It may be subtle, but it actually is a really big deciding factor. The one that made them say, ?Yum!? when they walked in the door will be at the top of the list, and the, ?Yuck!? ones will get crossed off.

The Emotional Power of Smell

Our sense of smell makes a huge impact on our emotions. Most people?s buying decisions are made based on emotion, rather than logical analysis. If a house has an unpleasant odor, even a slight one, it could impact potential buyers the moment they walk in the door.? A switch in their brains gets thrown, and deep in their minds their response ? maybe even unconsciously — is, ?Yuck!?? If they stay to view the property, it will likely be just going through the motions. That smell has prejudiced them against the property.

Get It Sold, Faster

Selling your home? Get it on the ?Yum!? list! Call CitruSolution of Asheville at 828-490-9275.

We clean the carpets, rugs, furniture, hardwood and tile floors with a cleaning process that uses a citrus cleaning product, which does an amazing cleaning job, and leaves everything smelling naturally fresh and clean. Our low moisture process leaves the carpets dry in a couple of hours. Call CitruSolution of Asheville to get your home really clean, staying clean, and smelling naturally great. Have those buyers walk in and say, ?Yum!? and get your home sold quick!  


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