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When Should You Consider Carpet Replacement?

Even equipped with the best tools for the job, there are some carpets we can’t save. Throughout our years of operation, we have come to recognize the signs that a cleaning service just won’t cut it and replacement is really the best choice. So, when should you consider carpet replacement? There are two major contributing factors to carpets damaged beyond what a cleaning can repair.

Pet Stains

If you have pets, you know that accidents are inevitable. Whether it’s housetraining a new puppy, or a sick older dog, you’re never completely in the clear. Citrusolution can certainly handle pet stains, and we have seen some pretty bad scenarios. Your best bet is to contact us as soon as possible after the incident. There comes a point, however, where completely removing pet related stains/odor is impossible:
  • Volume – Small dog accidents are easier to clean than large dog accidents. Less volume means it’s less likely to penetrate deep into carpet fibers, or even worse – down to the pad or subfloor. However, a small dog that has repeated accidents in the same area might as well be a Great Dane. The overall effect is the same.
  • Time – Pet stains left untreated for too long cause major damage. Urine contains agents that can permanently stain your carpet or discolor it similar to sun fading. No amount of cleaning can restore it in that case.

Severe Wear and Tear

Sometimes the carpet is so worn in high traffic areas that it appears darker than in other places. Over time, the carpet fibers get pressed down and untwisted, leaving frayed ends. As a result, these areas reflect less light and look dirty. Even after cleaning these spots will always be darker. If your carpet has too many worn areas, professional carpet cleaners still may not be able to make a huge difference. Carpet replacement may be your best option at that point.

When In Doubt, Contact A Trusted Professional

If you’re unsure if a cleaning will solve your carpet woes, give us a call. We are happy to take a look and let you know honestly what you can expect from scheduling a service with us. We have seen so many carpets, in all types of conditions, so you can trust us if we tell you cleaning may not give you the results you desire. For more information about our service or to book a cleaning, visit our website.    
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