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Why Hire A Professional Carpet Cleaner? 4 Reasons

There are plenty of ways to extend the life and beauty of the carpet in your home. Daily vacuuming and weekly cleaning of all carpets are the best ways to ensure that your home is clean. Depending on the room they’re in, carpets absorb a massive amount of smells and debris. To stay on top of care, the vacuum must be your best friend. Often, though, you can’t get it all up. Vacuums and home steam cleaners are great for general maintenance, but you need regular deep cleanings done. Keep reading to learn four reasons why you need to hire a professional carpet cleaner. 

Healthy & Sustainable Carpet Cleaning

In-store carpet cleaning products are full of toxic chemicals. Have you tried using a professional carpet cleaning service in the past? Did they use harmful chemicals to clean your carpets? If so, doesn’t that sound counterintuitive? We have the carpets in our homes cleaned to stay healthy and clean, but when harsh chemicals come into the equation—it’s not safe anymore. That’s why you need to do your research.  When it comes to carpet cleaning, we know it all. At CitruSolution Asheville, we pride ourselves on using sustainable and natural, non-toxic solutions. We’re transparent and have no issues with telling our customers what products we use. For example, the main ingredient in our deep-cleaning carpet cleaning solution is d-limonene. D-limonene is a powerful natural cleaner derived from the peels of citrus fruits. This oil acts as a solvent that breaks down dirt grime, mold, mildew, etc. Not only does d-limonene clean well, but it also leaves a fresh smell. 

Knowledge & Experience

How many years have you cleaned carpets? With a professional carpet cleaning service, like CitruSolution, you’re paying for knowledge and experience. We use methods and expertise that you don’t have to get the job done right. We’re fast, efficient, and thorough. CitruSolution’s cleaning method is low moisture and requires no extraction. Carpets dry in 1-2 hours, not days, unlike other cleaning services. 

Save Time & Money

Let’s say you want to have your carpets cleaned at least once a year. If you rent a “professional-grade” carpet cleaner, you will end up spending a good chunk of change. Depending on how much carpet you have, you will have to buy many bottles of cleaning solution. The solution can cost $20 or more. So, by the time that you rent a cleaner, get all the solution, and get home, a professional service would have been done cleaning.  At the end of the day, you will save your precious time and hard-earned money by going with a service. After all, we have years of experience and knowledge.

Cleaner Air

Carpets, like any other soft surface, act as a magnet for allergens and contaminants. Do you have pets? If so, you understand the never-ending struggle with hair. Along with hair comes dander. The dander and hair build up over time to make a layer that causes allergies and illness.  When you have your carpets and soft surfaces deep cleaned, you avoid the risks associated with mold, mildew, and dander. So, go ahead, and give us a call to get on an annual cleaning schedule to keep your home and family healthy. 

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