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how to clean wood floors

How To Clean Wood Floors

Wood floors offer a natural beauty that you don’t find in any other kind of flooring. The natural look that wood provides is one that needs protection. There are plenty of ways to preserve the look of wood flooring. The first step to protecting your investment is to understand how to clean wood floors. There are some things to consider before you jump into cleaning, though. What kind of wood floors do you have? How old are the floors? How much traffic do they experience? These are all questions you should think about before cleaning your floors. Let’s talk about how to clean wood floors.

Getting Started

Like our other cleaning posts, like how to clean your car’s interior, you need to remove debris first. Why can’t you vacuum first? Well, for a couple of reasons. Like when you clean your car’s interior, you don’t want to end up with scratches. Depending on the kind of wood, some floors are very fragile. Some scratch easier than others. So, before you hit the floors with that vacuum, get up all the big stuff.
The best way to remove dust, dirt, and debris from wood floors is to use a soft duster mop, like this one. The microfiber is soft enough that it won’t catch or scratch the wood, and the handle is good for quickly getting all the debris in one place. Once you have everything in one pile, suck it up with your vacuum’s hose.

Grab A Good Wood Floor Cleaner & Polish

Sweeping and vacuuming will only get you so far. When it comes to cleaning wood floors, a broom and vacuuming won’t get up stuck on grime and dirt. To get wood floors looking the best that they can, you need a liquid wood floor cleaner and a quality polish.
This combo pack by Weiman is a great option. The pack comes with a strong wood floor cleaner and an excellent polish. All you need to do is squirt some of the cleaner on a microfiber mop and clean away. Once the floor is clean, rinse the mop thoroughly, and follow up to absorb any leftover cleaner. Finally, use the polish to leave your wood floors looking like new again. This particular polish also helps remove minor scratches and nicks as you clean.

How To Cut Down On Cleaning

Life gets busy sometimes, and cleaning falls to the wayside. If you take a quick ten to fifteen minutes to clean your wood floors at least once a week, you won’t believe the difference it will make. When you let it build up, that’s when grime and dirt become difficult to remove. So, a quick sweep and mop will make your life much easier in the long run.

Have Something Else You Need Clean?

Now you know how to clean wood floors. It’s pretty simple, but you have to stay on top of it to prevent build-up and damage. If you have some trickier cleaning projects, such as carpet, give us a call. At CitruSolution Asheville, we specialize in non-toxic cleaning solutions.

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