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Spring Cleaning: The Ultimate Guide To Decluttering Your Home

Spring has sprung! And with spring, it’s time to do spring cleaning. When cleaning your house, it’s always best to make a spring cleaning checklist, tackle every room in your house, and stay focused until the job is done. Is it really possible to clean your entire house, in under an hour?

The Ultimate Guide To Decluttering Your Home

But don’t worry. There’s a sure-fire way to do it.  Your bedroom is the second room most people are most likely to clean. In fact, research found that this room is the second most neglected space in your home, behind the kitchen. This makes sense; most people want to hit the gym, or shower before they go to work. This means you have less time to spend in your bedroom, with your possessions. This is a problem for lots of people, because, we don’t want to waste time cleaning our house when we could be doing something much more fun and rewarding. And when we can’t, we just end up living in a dirty house. But don’t worry! With these tips, you can make your bedroom a bit cleaner and a lot nicer.

Declutter Your Kitchen

It’s easy to get carried away when cleaning your kitchen, but before you tackle the kitchen cabinets, make sure that you’re thorough and take a moment to put things back the way they belong. It doesn’t have to take all day, but at least put everything back the way it was, or move the items to a different cabinet. Now, while you’re at it, you should also dust all the surfaces in your kitchen, to ensure that you don’t track crumbs into the next room or leave a dust trail all the way through the house. Get the Dishwasher Cleaned Not only does an dirty dishwasher rack ruin your whole day, but it also takes up a lot of space that you could be using to store things like fresh ingredients.

Declutter Your Living Room

Do you need a place to sit and relax in your living room? Is it cluttered and messy? If it is, it’s time to declutter your living room. Start by clearing away the clutter, such as magazines and unopened mail. Next, you need to clear away your clutter from the sofa and place it in the appropriate space. Once you’re finished with that, sweep your floor with a broom, clean your windows with a wet cloth, and put on some music. Empty Out the Fridge Can you imagine what you would do without a fridge? A fridge is one of the essential appliances you need in your home to keep food fresh and warm, all year long. A cluttered fridge is one of the first things you notice when you walk into your home, and it quickly makes your home look dirty and unorganized.

Declutter Your Bedroom

Is your bedroom cluttered? You know it is. It’s a room for sleeping and, well, sleeping. So it should not be a dumping ground for everything that you do not need to keep anymore. Now is the time to dust off and throw out the old to make room for the new. Your bedroom will feel fresh, clean and organized when you do it. Consider enlisting a maid or a housekeeper to help you do the task. Spring Clean Your Closet You know that closet that’s full of clothes that you don’t wear and gifts from family and friends that you haven’t worn? Let it go! I don’t care if you paid 50 dollars or more for those clothes. You probably wore them once and that’s it. If you have not worn them in the past six months, you probably won’t wear them in the next six months.

Declutter Your Living Room

Cleaning your living room is a good first step because, believe it or not, when you have things sitting around your living room, you tend to feel like you don’t have enough space. If you are working on a smaller space, maybe start in your bedroom and then move to your living room. For an area the size of your living room, here are some areas you can declutter and refresh. Throw Out A Bag Of Paperwork You will need a white trash bag, three garbage bags, and some bubble wrap. Put the garbage bag inside the first trash bag, put the bubble wrap inside the second trash bag, and put the paper in the third trash bag. Seal the bags and make sure you label them. Clean The Shoe Rack These days, a lot of people have shoe racks in their living room.

Declutter Your Playroom

Although all of your friends are going out to the movies on Friday night, you’re staying home and watching movies on TV. Instead of filling the drawers with junk that you can’t see or use, start with the items you know you’ll use every day. Declutter Your Bedroom Spring is the time of year when we go outside for walks, maybe play in the backyard with the dog, or watch a movie in the living room. With all the time you’ll spend outside during the day, you don’t need to spend any time inside. Declutter Your Kitchen If your kitchen is so small you can barely open the refrigerator door, it’s time to declutter it. Spring is the perfect time to do this, as there are so many good sales and free items at the dollar stores to make it easy.

Declutter Your Home Office

It’s best to pick an area and tackle it first. You might not be able to tackle the entire house in one day, but you can certainly tackle an office. Decluttering is easier when you’re working on the same thing at the same time. By working on the office, you’ll keep it fresh in your mind. You’ll also know exactly what to expect. The goal is to make it easier for you to clean the rest of your house. To get started, decide which room you want to clean. Sort through your drawer, take out the items you don’t need and set aside the ones you need for the week. Put away the items that will be replaced with new items. With a lot of organization, you can easily see what you need and when. You can also work on your wardrobe, closet and drawers.

Declutter Your Garage

It takes as little as two hours to declutter your garage. Take everything that is unnecessary in your garage, even if you have a workbench, and only put the things you use on a regular basis in your garage. Or better yet, put those things in the garage that you don’t use regularly, on a shelf. Do you really need an extra workbench, for example, when you have one already? Remove the items that can be thrown away, that you will never need, and the rest can be put in a donation pile. Change Your Laundry Room Clothes Shelf If your laundry room is the smallest room in your house, you can easily make the laundry room look like a new, organized room by switching out the shelves. This is one of the easiest changes you can make in the laundry room, and the results will look amazing.

Declutter Your Bathroom

Decluttering your bathroom can be daunting. Do you have too many bottles of lotion or cleaner? This is one of the most common room in the house that can benefit from spring cleaning. Go through all of your bathroom products, and replace with an updated version. Your bathroom is such an intimate room, you should invest in keeping it as clean as possible. Declutter Your Kitchen In the kitchen, we don’t really do a spring cleaning on our space. We clean, we re-organize, but we never think about decluttering. So, declutter your kitchen! Is there stuff in the back of the fridge you forgot you had? Or, does your trash can have expired food? There is no better time to declutter than now. Declutter Your Wardrobe This is another tough area, to declutter.  
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