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Cleaning Upholstery to Remove Pet Dander

Many people suffer from allergies, and pet dander is one of the top triggers. If you have pets in your home, regular house cleaning might not be enough. Did you know that your upholstery actually traps pet dander? Just like rugs and carpet, soft surfaces like upholstery attract dirt, dust, and allergens that work their way deep into the fibers. To keep your home as allergen free as possible, have your upholstery cleaned periodically to remove pet dander and other irritants.

Traditional Cleaning Methods Make The Problem Worse

It is estimated that more than 50 million Americans experience allergies each year. And, it’s true that carpet and upholstery cleaning can reduce the symptoms of common allergies like pet dander and dust mites. However, a professional cleaning service is really the only way to get a deep, thorough clean to actually remove these allergens. Why can’t you use an upholstery spray or rent a steam cleaner? Most rental cleaning equipment for DIY uses harsh chemical based soap and requires saturation of the carpet or furniture. Because it’s almost completely impossible to rinse the soap away, it leaves a sticky residue. This actually attracts more dirt and allergens! Steam cleaning also doesn’t effectively treat pet spots like urine, which need to be properly neutralized. Read more about why we don’t recommend these types of rental cleaning products here. We often hear stories of stains and odors re-appearing just days after the use of a rental steam cleaner. It’s just simply a waste of time and money – and you still have a pet dander problem.

CitruSolution Upholstery Service To Remove Pet Dander

CitruSolution’s powerful citrus based cleaning agent is safe for all colorfast upholstery fabrics. It is gentle enough for use around kids and pets, yet effective at destroying some of the most common allergens. Upholstery cleaning can improve the overall air quality in your home – and therefore make it more comfortable. Plus, our low-moisture method won’t leave your furniture soaking wet. Your upholstery will be clean and dry in just a few hours. If you’re a pet owner and have never had your upholstery (or carpets!) cleaned, now is a great time to start. Give us a call or fill out the form on our website, and we will get back to you quickly with our “exactimate” pricing. You’ll never be billed for hidden fees or charges for your service. With regular upholstery cleaning, your pet’s dander won’t be the source of your next allergy attack.
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