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Cleaning With Hydrogen Peroxide

Cleaning With Hydrogen Peroxide: Is It A Good Idea?

Do you remember when you fell off your bike as a kid and scraped your knee? Your mom or dad would come out with this stuff in a brown bottle. Then, they’d pour it on the wound. It fizzed and bubbled as it disinfected the cut. Hydrogen peroxide isn’t just a natural disinfectant; though, it’s also a magical stain remover and all-around cleaner. At CitruSolution Asheville, we’re dedicated to non-toxic and sustainable cleaning solutions. So, we’re going to talk about how cleaning with hydrogen peroxide will change your home and life for the good.

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It’s no secret that blood is one of the most difficult stains to remove from any fabric, carpet, or upholstery. There’s something about it that finds its way into every fiber and locks in for a long time. If you get blood on your carpet, clothing, or sheets, it’s a pain. To remove the blood in a jiffy, apply hydrogen peroxide to the stain and leave until it stops fizzing. Once the hydrogen peroxide has done its work, soak it up with a cloth to lift the stain out. With dried blood, you may need to repeat the process to get it all up.


There’s nothing like a nice glass of wine, but a glass of wine and light fabrics do not agree. For wine, pure hydrogen peroxide may not be enough. To spot treat carpets and fabric, mix one-part dish soap with two parts hydrogen peroxide. Do this in a spray bottle to spot treat effectively. Allow the solution to soak into the stain for about ten minutes before scrubbing with a brush. Next, rinse it under cold water (heat has a tendency to lock stains in). If there’s still wine stain, reapply solution and rinse again until gone. We told you cleaning with hydrogen peroxide is pretty magical!
Pro Tips: This works great as an upholstery spot cleaner. The mixture can be used in your home and vehicles.


Traditional wisdom when it comes you brightening your white laundry is to add chlorine bleach. Well, hydrogen peroxide just so happens to be a mild bleach. So, all you need to do is add a cup of hydrogen peroxide to your washing machine. Additionally, hydrogen peroxide is an excellent odor eliminator. Do you know that musty smell that towels get? Hydrogen peroxide kills that without leaving a chemical smell behind.


Mold is often the source of shower, kitchen, and tile grout stains. If you’ve been looking for a solution that’s less aggressive than bleach, look no further. Hydrogen peroxide kills mold, but it also acts as a mild bleach that removes mold stains. The best way to deal with mold stains with hydrogen peroxide is to apply it with a spray bottle at full strength. After it has sat on the stain for at least 10 minutes, give it a good scrub. Reapply as needed and watch the stains rinse away.

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Some stains are too stubborn to come up. At CitruSolution Asheville, we use our proprietary citrus-based cleaning formula to eliminate stains and odor from all kinds of surfaces. If you’re looking for a fresh-smelling, all-natural solution, schedule an appointment today.

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