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How To Clean Tile Grout Without Harsh Chemicals

How To Clean Tile Grout Without Harsh Chemicals

Tile grout is often an overlooked part of a kitchen or bathroom floor. Many people don’t know how to clean tile grout without harsh chemicals. The go-to for cleaning tile and grout is typically bleach or some other type of harsh detergent. Well, at CitruSolution Asheville, we pride ourselves on being the number-one authority on all-natural and non-toxic cleaning solutions  

Tile Grout Stains: Mold Is To BlameHow To Clean Tile Grout Without Harsh Chemicals

Tile grout stains are composed of many things. Think about the amount of traffic your tiled floors get. The kitchen and bathrooms are some of the busiest parts of your home. Dirt and grime tracked in from outside are sometimes the cause of grout stains. More often than not, though, tile grout staining is from mold.  Mold and bacteria are everywhere in the world. On any given day, we come in contact with more than 60,000 germs. So, you might wonder what kind of mold is on your tile grout in the bathroom or kitchen. The most common type of mold is called Alternaria. While less common, there is Stachybotrys Chartarum (also known as black mold). Black mold is harmful and can cause a plethora of health issues, ranging from headaches to respiratory issues.  If you suspect the mold is black mold, please practice caution and wear an N-95 mask or half-face respirator. If there is a lot of black mold, it’s best to call a professional cleaning service to avoid serious illness.   

How To Get Rid Of Tile Grout Stains

Now you know the root cause of tile grout stains—dirt and mold. While you might be tempted to reach for that bottle of bleach, we’re going to show you how to kill that mold in a much safer way. 

1.) Hydrogen Peroxide

Have you ever wondered why you can’t smell any bleach or cleaning chemicals at the doctor’s office? It’s because they use one of nature’s best disinfectants and cleaners—hydrogen peroxide. The anti-mold properties of hydrogen peroxide kill and “bleach” the mold away when applied to moldy grout.  Pour some hydrogen peroxide into a spray bottle and mix it with some water and spray all the dirty grout. Let the mixture sit and soak into the grout for about 10 minutes. After it has worked its magic, give it a good scrub. 

2.) Tea Tree Oil

This fragrant, natural oil is a great mold-killer. We suggest using one teaspoon of tea tree oil per cup of water mixed in a spray bottle to kill mold. Let the oil soak into the grout before you thoroughly scrub it. When the mold dies, it detaches itself from the surface and will come right off. 

3.) D-Limonene  

Found in the peels of citrus, D-Limonene is one of the most powerful natural solvents. If you’re looking for a great-smelling and natural cleaning method for the grout in your bathroom or kitchen, give CitruSolution Asheville a call today!  D-Limonene is the key ingredient in our cleaning solution, and take it from us—this stuff is magical! Read about the process and learn why it’s the ultimate cleaning solution for any home. 

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